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Kya Mera Pcod theek hosakta hai? Pcod ur Pcos mein kya fharak hai/ how can I cure my Pcod? Is there any difference between Pcod and pcos

Pcod and pcos aj ki lifestyle diseases mein se ek disease hai. Jo aj har 5 females ko hai out of 10. Why these problems happen, inka ilaaz kya hai, kya ur kaise inh sab se bacha Ka sakta. Aiiye jante hai.

Mujhe khud Pcod hai and I can very well understand is mein kya kya problems aati hai, ur yeh Kitna painful hota hai, in physical terms as well as mental terms. But aj ki duniya mein har chig Ka ilaaz hai agar apke under wo positivity hai to fight and cure. 

Phele yeh samjhiye ki PCOD ur pcos dono alag hai. Pcod Ka full form polycystic ovarian disease and PCOS Ka full form polycystic ovarian syndrome hai. Pcod and Pcos dono mein hormonal imbalance common hai but pcos is severe  than Pcod isliye isko syndrome naam Diya hai. Jo bar bar aata hai. 

Apko Pcod hai ya Pcos yeh ek Achi gynecologist and endocrinologist he bata sakte hai after ultrasound. Waise har female ke body mein Pcod ur Pcos ke symptoms alag hote hai par Kuch aise common signs ki list hai Jo dono mein Hoti Hai:

Irregular periods- it's a big sign if  you have Pcod or Pcos in your system. It's also include your heavy or less flow, unbearable pains during periods,Severe PMS conditions, cycle doesn't come on time like irregular dates or gap of months.

Hair related problems- you might face hair fall, hair thinning problem, damaged hair follicles, damage hair.

Facial hair-  growth of excessive facial hair is also one problem in Pcos or Pcos due to high level of testosterone hormones.

Weight increase- weight increase Hona ek common mechanism hai Pcos or Pcod kyuki ek female ki body Ka healthy hone Ka first sign hai usko  gynae na hona. Due to menstrual irregularities ek female Ka metabolism effect hone ki wajeh se weight increase hota hai. Kai logo Ka mainly abdominal weight ya fat belly hota hai.

Infertility- This is very harmful effect of Pcos. Pcod mein may be apko infertility na hun but Pcos mein 80% cases mein yeh problem Hoti Hai. According to "Late shriRajiv Dixit ji" was expert doctor of Ayurveda and homeopathy agar koi female infertility se pareshan hai toh wo at least 3 months chuna or edible limestone ko consume kare just a pinch in a water toh she can conceive a baby infact it also help those who have miscarriage problem. Those who have problem of stone can't do this.

Skin problems- Many times girls say ki hum Kuch bhi laga le ya Kar le humari pimples ur acne nai jati iska main reason hai apke yeh gyna problem when it's from internal than how can an outer application helps you. Pigmentation, dull skin these yeh Kuch problems hai apke skin ki.

 How to prevent and cure: 

  • As per my experience and research, I first prefer Ayurveda, second homeopathy and last allopathy in the treatment of Pcod or Pcos, many females don't even believe in treatments because they believe it's a lifestyle disease so it can be cured by correcting your lifestyle, still I believe expert advice is a must in this case.
  • Avoid outside or junk food it is almost like poison for Pcod and Pcos patients.
  • Stress and tension is also one big reason for Pcod and Pcos. Start doing meditations or any thing which makes you happy and relax, avoid things and situations which increases your stress levels.
  • Start doing some physical activities to shed that extra kilos. Dance, brisk walking, running, yoga, gym are some fun activities.
  • Stop sleeping late or complete your sleep of 7-8 hours else you will never be able to cure this problem.
  • Ayurveda mein ISS rog Ka main Karan vaat ur kaafh hai to inko regulate Karne ke liye app til ke tail ki malish Apne lower abdomen kare at least 10 before your cycle or if u can do whole body massage.
  • Try to take one teaspoon cow's desi ghee during your cycle in glass hot water for 3 times a day, par isko sirf cycle ke time he lena hai. Yeh remedy 3-4 months apki kafi had tak menstural problems theek Kar deti hai.
  • Include Shatavari and ashokarishta to your daily routine these two tonics help you to maintain healthy monthly cycle and health.
  • Sabut haldi ko lake apko Ghar mein he grind Kar ke week mein 2 din isko 1 spoon 1 glass of milk mein boil kar ke Lena Hai. This remedy may cure your Pcod problem. 
  • Stop consuming alcohol, smoking and also lower your sugar intake.

Thanks for reading and your time. Stay happy, Stay healthy and stay beautiful.

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