Tuesday, 22 November 2016

River Crossing Puzzle Ask in Interviews Of BANK , TCS , Microsoft, Infosys

 A boatman wants to transport  fox, goat  and a grass bundle  from one side of a river     to another side  using his boat. 

 This Boatman can take maximum  two  of them at once  with him on this boat.
  If fox  and goat be alone , then fox will  kill and eat goat.

  How ? Boatman will  transport all Of Them to other side Of River


  1. At first boatman transport fox and grass and then transport goat

  2. The writer has so beautifully captivated the attention of audience by this resplendent blog.
    the more you take the more you leave behind

  3. First take the goat(the fox won't eat the grass)
    2) Go back and pick the fox
    3) return the goat and transport the grass
    4) Go back again and pick the goat.
    5) You have successfully transported them😆😆😆

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