Monday 26 December 2016

Interview By Boss to Select One From Poster , TCS interview , SSC Interview

Asked to Select One Of these ... interview by boss

 Boss is taking screening round 

 Boss Asked

"Take a look at the poster behind me.
    "Notice there is a beautiful girl, a bottle of expensive wine, and an expensive car; if you could only choose one of the three items, which would you choose and why? "

Candidate briefly looked at the poster. 

 CAndidate replied : 

    " I will choose the car because if I can afford a Ferrari I can definitely afford the bottle of wine and I’ll always attract beautiful girls with a lifestyle like that."

     Boss Said ,

 "Nice to see your decision. You are good in decision. Great. "

 He was selected . for his good decision and clear explanation.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Interview Question : Finding Number Of Cars in City

Finding Total Number Of Cars ..... interview

Interview was going on .... then one interviewer asked :

One Interviewer Asked: Assume that the population of Delhi is 2 crores (20 million)

How many number of car are there in Delhi City?


( Candidate) she get it quickly that this is a type of guesstimate. 

There is no correct/incorrect answer in this case and the interviewer usually wants to see thought process in such question.

Candidate Replied : 

As the population of Delhi is 2 crores (20 million)

Let the average family size in Delhi be 4 So the number of households can be estimated to be 50 lakhs (20/4 million)

Now, let us assume that only 50 - 60% of the population can afford a car.

 For simplicity, assume that 50% of the families owns one or more cars.
So 25 lakh households own 1 or more cars

Let us assume that of these, 75% own only 1 car , 20% own 2 cars and 5% own 3 cars (assuming no household has more than 3 cars)

So households with 1 car = 18.75 lakh(1.875 million) 2 car = 5 lakh (500,000) 3 car = 1.25 lakh ( 125,000)

So total number of cars in delhi can be estimated as 18.75 + 5*2 + 1.25*3 = 32.5 lakh which can be rounded off to 32 lakh (3.2 million)

So we can estimate that the number of cars in Delhi to be 32 lakh (3.2 million).


Interviewer gave her good scores for her thought process

Friday 16 December 2016

Creative Answer in Interview Tough Question , Placement Interview

Best Creative Answer When Asked For To Show Your Creativity in Interview

An Interview   was lined up , many of them failed  to put answer the  question was being asked by Project Manager         Now ,        Ryan turn come

  Manager Asked :  
What can you  make  from this piece of paper? 

  Ryan was from journalism background ,   doesn’t  have creativity to make  some craft,  like other can make.

 So Ryan , Writes  Few  Of Best Stories.

  Ryan finds better  to do this than  spend  half an hour  folding it into  intricate shapes  and feeling totally out of your comfort zone.

Manager  finds ,  Ryan has shown  his   creativity , while put in pressure , better  fit with backgound  experience.

'Ryan Cleared  the  Interview Round'.

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Tricky Interview Question & Best Answer Asked in interviews

Tricky Interview Question & Best Answer .. 

 A graduate student came for interview , he clear all previous round was waiting for final HR round ......  his turns come

 Interviewer Asked : you have some knowledge in india history ?

Candidate : Yes.

 Interviewer : How would India be different, if it had been ruled by the French instead of the British? 

 Candidate : This interview would have been in French , not in English :) 

 The Interviewer was impressed by his Intelligent Answer.

 He was selected and Joined the Office

Friday 9 December 2016

3 switch and light puzzle asked in interviews

3 switch puzzle 

 There are three switches outside the room . 

 Two Of which are useless , while one is connected to a lightbulb inside the room.

 You can on or off any switch any number of time (it also cover you can on or off any number of switch together) .

 You have one, and only one, opportunity to go inside the room and look . 

 Question is : How can you tell which switch goes to light?

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Walking time puzzle aked in interviews in IIT , TCS , Infosys , IT companies , Banks

Every day , John Arrives at 5 p.m ,at the station from work.

 His wife leaves home in her car . 

 and reach station at 5 p m exactly to meet him daily . 

and drives him home .

One day, John gets to the station an hour early, and starts walking home, until his wife meets him on the road. 

They get home 30 minutes earlier than usual . 

 Question is . 

How long (time) was he walking? 

( Distances are unspecified. Speeds are unspecified, but constant.)

Thursday 1 December 2016

Caps Colour Puzzle , Interview Puzzle

Caps Colour Puzzle

There are 3 blue colour cap and 2 red colour cap.

3 Random caps are choosen out of these 5 caps . A , B , C are made to wear these caps.

A , B and C are standing over stairs.

A can see B & C

B can only see C

C cannot see any one

A is asked which cap you are wearing ?   A replied.... I don'nt know.

B is asked which cap you are wearing ?    B replied.... I don'nt know.

But when C is asked , he replied the correct answer.

The question is , which colour cap C is wearing ? how C finds it.

Friday 25 November 2016

ROPE BURNING PUZZLE , Interview Puzzles

    A rope takes exactly one hour to burn if
    lighted from one end.  

 a)  How can You Measure  15 minutes if  1
     such  rope is given  ?
 b)  How can You Measure  45 minutes if  2
     such  rope is given  ?

Tuesday 22 November 2016

River Crossing Puzzle Ask in Interviews Of BANK , TCS , Microsoft, Infosys

 A boatman wants to transport  fox, goat  and a grass bundle  from one side of a river     to another side  using his boat. 

 This Boatman can take maximum  two  of them at once  with him on this boat.
  If fox  and goat be alone , then fox will  kill and eat goat.

  How ? Boatman will  transport all Of Them to other side Of River

Saturday 8 October 2016

Understanding Problem On Permutation /and Combination , Clock Problems, English Improving , Business Converstation

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Understanding PArtnership Problem  
Permutation And Combination
Understanding Common English Problem
Understanding English Eoverstation from start to interview level
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