Monday 19 October 2020

Physics Classes - banda city , hardoi

 Physics Classes

Fees-  1200/month

(11th, 12th , Airforce, Competition)

-- books covered H.C.Verma

-- Narayana Package

-- Brilliant Package



*Excellent Methodlogy

*No School Teacher

*Question level coverd from scratch to competion level 

Phase -1

  • Quick cover to Vector( सदिश राशि ) and Scalor ( आ सदिश राशि )

  • Motion in one dimension

  • Objective and subjective questions on motion in one dimension

  • Motion in plane

  • Proctile (motion in two dimension)

  • River Swimmer problems

  • Cat - Rat problems

Test will be taken on all topics covered

Contact N0 - 9711519179

और भी Information के लिए Ynot App को जरूर डाउनलोड करे

Ynot App

Phase 2

  • Forces 

  • Free Body Diagram

  • Friction and Rope and Pully problems

  • Pseudo Froces(concept)

  • Question taken from H.c Verma+Ncert+Narayana

  • The Horse and Cart problem

  • Inertia

Test of topics covered in these phase

phase -3

  • Circular Motion 

  • Centrifugal forces

  • Working problems with circular motion (Objective and Subjective)

Test on Objective and Subjective 

Phase 4

  • Work and enregy  

  • Work energy theorem

  • Conservative and non conservative force

  • Potential and mechanical energy

Tough question taken from ncert and h.c verma on energy theorem



phase -5

phase -6


Contact N0 - 9711519179

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