Sunday 1 January 2017

Lifting Glass Of Water Without Touching it. ...... tcs interview , bank interview , mnc interview , iim interview

A panel of three interviewers siting in an interview room.

 One of interviewer after few questions asked .....

      " Lift the glass of water in front of you without touching it. "

Candidate Said :

"Sir I can't see any glass of water in front of me..(calmly) "


"We three interviewers can see it why can't you. "

Candidate Said :

" Sorry sir but I really can't see it.(very calmly)"

Interviewer  :

 (bit frustrated) "Are you blind?  When three of us can see it why the hell you can't...."

Candidate Said :

 " (Calmly again.. ) Sorry sir.. Believe me I can't see any glass of water."

Interviewer  :

  "  (The frustrated interviewer holding the glass of water and lifting it says) Can't you see this glass of water and starts to laugh with other two interviewers. haha....     "

Candidate Said :

"Sir The glass of water is lifted without me touching it. Thank you. "


Interviewer were impressed ,... finally they select him too.

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