Thursday 26 January 2017

why did you leave your last job ? experience interview reply

Interviewer Asked : 

"Why did you leave your last job ?  "  


 Interviewer  Asked this question :   because  interviewer is likely looking for:

Did he leave for a good reason?  the interviewer will wonder if they can trust you to be responsible, loyal, and reasonable.  

  Did he leave  because of performance or integrity issues.  

Did he leave for positive reasons or because he felt slighted or unappreciated?

Candidate Reply :

"I have been at my company for three years now and have learned a lot from working with excellent developers and creative peoples .  In that period , i have been promoted many times and has been appreciated for my efforts and excellent problem solving skills. I have been thinking for a while that I’d like to work for a bigger company with more opportunities for growth. This position really appeals to me , because of my successful background in development and research  and to work with team to bring out more innovative products."

Things to Understand is :

First, this candidate reminds the interviewer that he has had a respectable tenure at his firm and has been promoted .

Next, he shares a positive reason for wanting to leave — he wants to take on new challenges, he wants to stretch himself. 

So interviewer finds positive reason for leaving last job

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