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Interview Tips for trainer , Complete Interview and key points of interview

*       Position: Trainer
*       Work experience: Fresher

*       Education Qualification: Graduation/Post- Graduation.

This is an interview of a person who got selected as a trainer in skill development sector in one of the big brand of education industry.

(Fresher’s interviews totally depend on their curriculum vita and their qualification because a fresher doesn’t have any work experiences, so his /her qualification is the only experience he/she is carrying. It’s better to mention true and documented proof which he/she is having with them. Plus don’t mention any information, which one don’t have any knowledge or idea, it may lead to rejection.)

      Candidate ,  Good Morning Sir .
      Interviewer: Good Morning. How are you?

      Interviewee: I’ am fine Ma’am and you?

      Interviewer: All good, let’s start with the process. So tell me about yourself?

      Interviewee: My name is Ram. I completed my MBA from ABC Institute and did my graduation from DEF university. My schooling was from QRS School Delhi. I live in South Delhi and I am fresher. 

      Interviewer:  what you did in graduation?

      Interviewee: I did B.A

      Interviewer:  Was your college regular?
      Interviewee:  Yes, I my college was regular.

      Interviewer:  you have mentioned in your C.V that you did internship in the retail sector. Can you tell me about this internship?

      Interviewee:  Yes, I did my internship in the retail sector in marketing field.  Where I need to do marketing, research and merchandising of XYZ Company’s product.

(This answer must be depending on projects or trainings mentioned by candidate on the resume. Candidate must have full knowledge of mentioned projects or training with full documented proof.)

      Interviewer:  You said, you were taking care of marketing of product of XYZ Company. Then why do you want a job in training field? Not in marketing field?

      Interviewee:  The reason behind this, I want to do job in training field because I like training, it is a very interesting field and you need to learn a lot every day, it’s very vibrant field and I love training.

      Interviewer: It seems you like training job. This very good for us. Now let me ask some basic questions related to training? What is the difference between training and teaching?

      Interviewee: There is one difference between training and teaching, which is a methodology. Teaching mainly follows pedagogy while training follows andragogy.  So it’s depending where teaching is required and where training is required.

      Interviewer: Good answer. If you got selected in our company then you need to train students who are mainly from low income group or below the poverty line or school dropouts. Most students are not interested in studies? How will you encourage learning in them or create interest?

      Interviewee:  I need to find out why it happened or why they are not interested in studies. I need to find ways in which they find the studies interesting. They need to be aware or counsel, why studies are important. 

(Every interview has technical round on which candidate’s selection is judge, so one should brush the learning or knowledge required for job. It is must.)

      Interviewer: If any student gets dropped out or stop coming to your classes. What will you do? How you’ll bring her/him back?

      Interviewee:  If this kind of case will happen, I will go to the student and ask why he/she has stopped coming to my class? What are the reasons? And then I will counsel him/her according to that and try my best to get her/him back to my class.

      Interviewer: Good answer ram. Tell me your strengths and weaknesses?

      Interviewee: My strengths are I am hard working. I used to work late night or early morning on my projects in my masters, that’s why I got excellence certificates in my projects and I am an empathetic person, that’s why I help people going beyond my strength, due to this I am also a good team player. Now my weaknesses are: I am an impatient person, I can’t take rest till my work is not completed plus I am a very aggressive person, I want my things in the right way till it’s not harming anyone.  

(This answer is also matter of subjective but its best to mention his/her strengths and weaknesses by keeping job or position in mind)

      Interviewer: Well, good we need an empathetic person who understands the problem with solutions and a good team player. How soon you can join us?

      Interviewee:. Ma’am, I can join as per your requirement. I am comfortable in that

      Interviewer:  what are your salary expectations?

      Interviewee:  (Answer should be according to salary bar provided by the company or its matter of subjective expectation.)
At the End here the tips to improve your Training skills for getting selection during Demo sessions because in training profile Demo session is main session on which 80% of selection and remuneration depends.

Here are few tips by which one can give effective training:
·       As you know the area of expertise of yours in which you give training so, it’s best you should prepare some topics really well.
·       Try to judge the audiences to whom you impart training by asking some simple questions, like you can ask them what they have studied in their last session.
·       Always state motive or outcome of session before starting the training.
·       Make training session interesting by keeping balance of activities and content, too much of any part can dilute the purpose of training. Example: try to make session interactive.
·       Highlight the main points or sub topics of the training repeatedly during session so those trainees remember the main points of training.
·       Don’t make your training session too long or too short so that it can’t lose its jest.

·         Keep small test at the End of session to know how much trainees have learnt and how effectively you able to impart training plus it’s also make trainee serious throughout training.

·       Always remember two very important things to do at last, first always summaries the learning of training and secondly take feedback to know your positive and improvement points.

Keep these points in practice and in mind for effective training.
                                                Thank you!

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