Thursday 6 April 2017

Strengths and weaknesses asked in interview

Strengths and Weakness  Asked in Interview

This is another most common question asked by Interviewer.This question is asked to know whether :

* Candidate does have those qualities which are required by the company and for particular job.

Similarly weakness to know in which area you are lacking.
*Aren’t your weakness harm the job.

Let’s see how to answer this question.

Lalit is one interviewee who has gone for interview 

. Interviewer asked him
    "what are your strengths and weaknesses?"


"My strengths are:
·       I am having very good communication skills.
·       I have excellent presentation skills.
·       I can work with diverse group of people.
·       I am a very good team player.   "

Hmm…is this the right way to answer this question  ?


Lalit has clearly mentioned about his strengths, that’s good.

That’s good but how recruiter would come to know, lalit actually practiced these strengths.

Then what should he do?

He should substantiate at least 2 strengths briefly to interviewer, not all as it will stretch the interview or explain that one which interviewer wants to know. 

Let’s see again how Lalit answer the question for strengths.

Interviewer:  "what are your strengths and weakness?"

Lalit :  My strengths are: 

" I am having very good communication skills (as I headed student’s editing team of my college magazine plus hosted various college programme), with excellent presentation skills, I can also work with diverse group of people, (during my internship in Master’s which I did in retail; I worked closely from Area sales manager to store security Guard. I need to train whole staff of retail store which also includes helpers and security Guards. I maintain very healthy relationship with all). I am a very good team player plus hard worker.  "

Now we have seen how Lalit described only two strengths to interviewer with mixing other strengths.

Try to highlight those strengths which are directly related to your job or suit the requirement of job. Example:

Sales profile job’s require:
·       good communication
·       Person who likes to meet new people
·       Like to travel etc.

But it doesn’t mean you start lying plus also sounds like a scripted robot. Be natural answer as a conversation, because an interview is also a conversation

Now we see how Lalit told his weakness.

Interviewer: " good, What about weaknesses?"

Lalit: " Mam! Rather calling these are my weaknesses, I would say these are my areas of improvements. Like I am slightly impatience regarding my work, as I want my all work perfect so I am working on it to be clam, I also want to learn to say no, by saying yes to everyone I burden myself with work which leads to stress at last I am not able delegate the work which again piled up work on me which hampers my work style. So these are the areas of improvement, I require."

"Well! Lalit these are not seems as weaknesses while showing you as a workaholic, it’s good for companies but you should balance it. It’s nice talking to you.  Wait for some time for result. "

What do you think? 

 Lalit has answered very well about weaknesses.  

Firstly he stated weaknesses as a area of improvement which every interview should say while answering this question. 

Secondly he stated all his work positive weaknesses which actually are requirement of any company. That’s why interviewer said you are workaholic.

 What did this mean?

 Telling weaknesses are not being completely open yourself in front of interviewer while smartly module your answer in a positive way, so that it shows you positive in front of interviewer. 

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