Thursday 1 December 2016

Caps Colour Puzzle , Interview Puzzle

Caps Colour Puzzle

There are 3 blue colour cap and 2 red colour cap.

3 Random caps are choosen out of these 5 caps . A , B , C are made to wear these caps.

A , B and C are standing over stairs.

A can see B & C

B can only see C

C cannot see any one

A is asked which cap you are wearing ?   A replied.... I don'nt know.

B is asked which cap you are wearing ?    B replied.... I don'nt know.

But when C is asked , he replied the correct answer.

The question is , which colour cap C is wearing ? how C finds it.


  1. What is the answer??explain me

  2. ans- BLUE!!!!!!!!!
    A replies i dont know means B&C both are not wearing red caps,apart from it can be any possibility(BB,RB,BR)
    B sees blue cap of A so he can't answer,
    as B is unable to answer so C understand he is wearing blue cap

  3. Since, A and B can see which color of cap C is wearing, C can ask either A or B about his cap's color. Asking from A or B, C answered the correct answer. By asking others this is not possible for both A and B.

  4. What if A & B just don't think logically so therefore don't know. Even if both hats were red, A could be too dumb to realize his must be blue. ;)


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