Friday 16 December 2016

Creative Answer in Interview Tough Question , Placement Interview

Best Creative Answer When Asked For To Show Your Creativity in Interview

An Interview   was lined up , many of them failed  to put answer the  question was being asked by Project Manager         Now ,        Ryan turn come

  Manager Asked :  
What can you  make  from this piece of paper? 

  Ryan was from journalism background ,   doesn’t  have creativity to make  some craft,  like other can make.

 So Ryan , Writes  Few  Of Best Stories.

  Ryan finds better  to do this than  spend  half an hour  folding it into  intricate shapes  and feeling totally out of your comfort zone.

Manager  finds ,  Ryan has shown  his   creativity , while put in pressure , better  fit with backgound  experience.

'Ryan Cleared  the  Interview Round'.

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