Tuesday 25 February 2020

Cute One. Gf - Bf Love Chat

Cute One. Gf - Bf Love Chat

Bf : How r u
gf : not good
bf : why? what
gf : i have cold
bf :what???how ?
gf :i had ice cream
bf : r u mad???i had told
u not to
eat ice cream in this
r u crazy?? look into my
eyes what the hell u
think u r??
don’t you have a brain??
u aren’t a kid cant u
justtake care
of your
stupid idiot..
girl smiled grabbed him
in her arms
hugged him tightly and
said”Love U
bf :what’s happening
here?will u
plz tell me
gf : just loved it
whenever u scold
me thats why i ate ice
cream so
that you’ll scold me..
bf :stupid idiot I LOVE U

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