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Friday, 18 January 2019

If will be vs if is , If he will be vs  if he is , correct use , example

If will be vs if is :  which one is correct ,

If he will be vs  if he is , example , grammar

ऐसे sentences   जिनसे बोध होता है कि यदि कोई शर्त पूरी होगी तो कार्य  पूरा होने की संभावना है|

ऐसे sentences का structure यह होता है

If+present indefinite tense(subordinate clause)+subject +present/future indefinite tense ( principal clause)

● If you work hard,you will pass the exam.
● If I go to Delhi,I will meet Kejriwal.

● If you ran fast ,you will win the race .

If he will be careful, he will face the situation/no error

Correct sent- If he is  careful, he will face the situation / no error

Reason- पहला tense present indefinite tense में, दूसरा present /future indefinite tense में बनेगा|

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